Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Common Sense

Common Sense

Today, I really realized that 30 is the new 20,  I realized that some of these 30 year olds call them selfs grown & do not have any recollect on what being grown truly is., when does common sense come in the picture is the question?  Some don't know, or CHOOSE not to know the values of NEEDS verses WANTS... In my opinion by 30 the REBELLION should STOP & Common Sense should kick in, not for the fact that your getting older,  Because this world is designed in a way that YOU should know what is common, & what is not.. The biggest gift God gave us all next to life is CHOICE the right to CHOOSE. For example, if you put something in a electric socket you get shocked, if you put your hand in fire your get burned, right?  Common Sense, it means... "sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence."
Now Knowing that, I ask this question, would anyone put something that burns fire on something that is plastic?

Monday, August 29, 2011

"FLOOD" What Does The Word Really Mean?

For Those Who Know Me, Know Where I Reside For Others; Staten Island..... "FLOOD" What Does It Really Mean...
Does It Mean That We As Humans Disrupted The Way Things Truly Are Supposed B..?? OR That The World Is Changing & That We're Not A Part Of It.. Hum..... Sum Say The World Is Coming To An End, Sum Say Weather Machine (Like The Shh In Movies); Sum Say Green House Gases, Sum Say The Polar Caps Are Shifting. "ME"... I Think Now More Then Ever After Getting 3 Feet Of Water In My Home Think Its Neglect.; Meaning That Things Just Aren't Done the Way They Are Supposed To Be Done & That
Money Is The Problem In The Form Of Greed. C... If U Look @ It.. Um.... People Ran To The Store For The Things They Said We
Will Need & Ppl Spent Money That They Didn't Really Have To Prepare For This Storm.. NOW.. I'm Not Saying It Wasn't BAD...
I'm Just Saying We Have Had This Before & Ppl's Homes Didn't "FLOOD" When I Was Growing Up... When We Start Building On Shh OR Over Shh That's Not Supposed To Be Built On To Make MONEY That's Where The Problem BEGINS... That's When Levees Start
Breaking, Homes & Businesses FLOOD People Lost There LIVES or There Life SAVINGS... FLOOD.... The Whole World Is Flooded
3/4 Of The Earth Is Water... Did We Forget That... In Other Words There's More WATER Then LAND On This PLANET.. We Can Not
I Repeat WE CAN NOT Make More Land. SO... Why Do We Continue To Build & Destroy To Make MONEY & Put Ppl LIVES In Danger Enhance The Word "FLOOD" When The Levees Break, When Ppl Homes "FLOOD", When People Lose There LIVES or Love ones, When Ppl Lose Their Businesses.. I Lost A Lot Of Things In This "FLOOD" & For What... Because Landlords Don't Do What's Suppose To Be Done, But... Is Here To Collect The "MONEY" For Rent OR Put Your ASS OUT If U Don't Have It.. Feel Me... Enhance The Word "FLOOD".. FLOOD The Market, Flood The Stores.. QUOTE..

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. We must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.” William Shakespeare

Nyce out

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Skinny Jeans for Straight Men?

just answer this"why would a straight man wear skinny jeans?" i under stand what it does for a woman, show off her curves, but what is the purpose for a straight man to wear it just a sad fad? I just dont get it people.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's On My Mind!!!

What's On My Mind!!!
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You Know What's Really "On My Mind"???!!!!
When The Price Of A Can Of Soup Goes From $2.39 TO $2.99
(& Then They Say Its A Recession) Like People Are Gonna Stop Eating....
Their Just Going To Spend Money Wisely..... We Still Have To Eat & Shop @ The Supermarket
It Don't Stop There This Is On Everything!!!!...... & Now After Xmas Taxes On Clothes Are Back
From That To,- Cell Phone Plans, Gas, T.V., Buses & Trains & Thats Not Counting Traveling & Your Time To Travel...!!!!
IT'S ON EVERYTHING... The Real Shhh Is...... That Our Paychecks Are Not Getting Bigger!!!
People Are Moving From "Home Owner Ship" To "Apartment Renters" To "Homelessness" WTF
What Are We Supposed To Do.....!!!!


Nyce out

Stay Tune For More "What's On My Mind"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey 2 The World..... This Is Me... & I Am Him... NYCE... Sum Still Call Me "Kid Nyce".... I'm Here To Say That The New Music Is Not What I Thought It Would Be...
So I'm Here 2 Do A Few Things Wit Music.... 1st Is My 3rd Instrumental Wit A Few Feat. This Ones Gonna B Hard I Think So... But With The Passing Of Guru I Hav Done A Few Things Over... "Gang*Starr" Has Touched My Life In So Many Ways U Can Not Imagine...
With Saying That My New Album Is Called.... "PEGASUS".... It Deals With Zeus As He Teaches Us, What We Need 2 Do, What We Should Not Do.... & What We're Gonna Learn...., "LIFE"..... The Good, The Bad & The Ugly... Through Music From My Eye's.... I Hav Put A Little Twist On It Musically... Sort of Like What Gang*Starr Did Wit All There Music... (If U Were Listings)... Stay Tune For The Next Chapter... Write Cha Soon

Nyce Out